Isola Del Garda Wedding Ceremony, bride and groom rose petal confetti Shower

Confetti Tips UK and Destination Weddings

May 22, 2020

Isola Del Garda Wedding Ceremony, bride and groom rose petal confetti Shower
White and Pink Natural Rose Petal Confetti – Isola Del Garda

Wedding Confetti is by far one of my favorite parts to a wedding day. The tips below will help you create the perfect image.

Firstly you need to consider, the type of confetti image do you want, for example; do you want your image to be bold and colorful or perhaps you want it to be more soft & romantic?

Secondly, The organisation is key. I would recommend speaking to the to check on their requirements for throwing confetti. The venue will advise where you can have confetti thrown within the grounds and what type of confetti is allowed. After you have spoke with the venue, have a chat with your wedding photographer, they capture confetti all the time and with the information from the venue, they will be able to guide & advise you on how to create the perfect confetti image.

Lastly, do you have an idea as to how you would like your wedding guests to stand? Are you considering a traditional tunnel with guest on both sides creating a line, perhaps you want the confetti to be thrown straight after the full wedding party group portrait or even the two of you dancing in the middle with the guests around the outside. Either way I would enlist the help of your most organised bridesmaid & groomsmen to gather the guests together along with the photographer.

Religious wedding ceremony Ormskirk, bride and groom exiting church with Bio-degradable confetti
West Tower Winter Wedding
Country Wedding Bride and Groom with Colourful Natural Wedding confetti
Romantic Wethele Manor Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Confetti & alternatives

Not all venues will allow confetti, they may have certain stipulations on the type of confetti, alternatives that can be used & advise if you are required to have the images taken in a certain place.

Below are a few ideas that will help:

Natural Wedding Confetti

Have you considered collecting & drying out loose petals & creating your own natural confetti. There are great tips & instructions on Pinterest. If time isn’t on your side however why not consider a company such as Shropshire Petals, they are experts in confetti growing & have the widest range of colours to choose from.

Luxury Wedding ceremony at Clivedon House in Buckinghamshire, bride and groom with dried rose petal confetti
Clivedon House Luxury Wedding Ceremony ElsieLove Photography
Intimate UK destination wedding ceremony at Exclusive Wedding Venue Soughton Hall , bride and Groom with white rose petal confetti
Soughton Hall Luxury Wedding Confetti ElsieLove Photography
Summer outdoor wedding at Statham Lodge in Lymm, with Bride and Groom showered with bright paper confetti
Statham Lodge Classic confetti image

Bubble Confetti

As time goes on more & more venues are deciding not to allow traditional confetti portraits. As you can see, bubbles are quickly turning in to a great way to still have the fun of confetti & create a fun and unique image. Would you believe, not only did we have confetti following the group family formals but during our first dance there were romantic soft bubbles floating in the air.

Wedding Confetti Biodegradable

If your venue allows for confetti, they may stipulate that it must be Biodegradable. There are really pretty colour’s and shapes available.

A relaxed beach club destination wedding in Zakynthos, Greece with biodegradable colourful confetti
Destination Wedding Greece Paper Confetti – My Wedding, image by Stacey mae

Wedding Balloon Release

A few years ago I have the pleasure of attending a destination wedding in France. The couple chose to have a balloon release. We each had a pastel colour balloon in the wedding colours & I have to say to this day, their full wedding party group image is one of my favorites. It really captured the relax vintage tea party vibe. It was also such great fun to release the balloons all together.

Wedding Sparklers

Becoming evermore popular to have a sparkler exit at Dusk as an alternative to confetti. I would personally on recommend this if your are having perhaps an intimate wedding as it can be extremely tricky to light a lot of sparklers at once.

Rustic Wedding venue in North Wales Tower Hill Barn: Sparkler table set up
Towerhill Barns Let Love Sparkle Confetti Alternative
Tower Hill Barn Black and White image of Bride and Groom with Sparkler Exit
Towerhill Barns Sparkler Exit Confetti Alternative

Confetti Ribbons

I haven’t captured a ribbon confetti alternative yet but Pinterest has some great ideas. Imagine beautiful coloured ribbons being swirled around as though you were gymnasts.

Bird Seed Confetti

Although this is great to feed the birds after you have captured your image, I don’t think this would be a personal favorite of mine. The seeds would be quite heavy and very easily fall down the wedding dress & suits becoming quite itchy. They wouldn’t float in the air to create the romantic portrait I know you love.

Autumn Wedding with Dried Leave confetti

If you having an autumn or winter wedding, perhaps considering collecting beautiful crisp fallen leaves as a confetti alternative.

Feather Confetti

This would be perfect for the bohemian bride. Could you imagine how soft the feathers would fall.

Pom Pom Confetti

Pom Poms – Yes those fabulous pom poms that were a favorite in school could bring a fun nostalgia to your wedding day.

Wedding Confetti Decorations

Not all confetti is used to throw over the bride & groom. I have photographed many wedding’s that the bride & groom have chosen to use confetti as part of the decorations. Here are a few ideas:

Rose Petal Confetti Aisle

A really sweet idea is to have your flower girls sprinkle rose petals from baskets as they walk down the aisle. Or perhaps dried flower petals already sprinkles down as a romantic decoration.

Luxury wedding venue Isola del garda, lake garda. Flower girl scattering pink rose petals down the aisle
Isola Del Garda Wedding Ceremony – Flower Girl dropping rose petals
Flower Girls at Hartsfield manor dropping natural Petals down the aisle
Hartsfield Manor – Natural Petal Aisle
Isola del Garda wedding ceremony with white carpet and pink scattered rose petals.
Luxury White Carpet Aisle scattered with rose petal at Isola Del Garda

Confetti to decorate the wedding tables

Confetti to decorate table centerpieces or to sprinkle around the cake to jazz up the cake table.

Hartsfield Manor Wedding tob table decorated in light pink rose petals
Hartsfield Manor – Pink Rose Petals Romantically scattered on top table
Luxury wedding table at Clivedon house decorated with  Candelabra & gold confetti
Clivedon House Luxury Wedding white, green and gold table decorations
White and Pink scattered rose petals to decorate luxury three tier winter wedding cake at Westfield Tower, Ormskirk
West Tower Winter Wedding Luxury White three tier cake

Confetti Wedding Favors

Party favors – perhaps consider bubbles for each guest on the table as a favor.

Confetti Canon for first dance

First Dance – Make the party go with a Pop & have your bridesmaids pop the party canons

Red heart confetti cannon for a beach club wedding in Zante
My Wedding day – Image by Stacey Mae
Destination wedding Zantre, Bride and Groom have first dance with heart cannon confetti
My Wedding – Image by Stacy Mae

Ways to present your Wedding Confetti

The last part of preparation for confetti is how you will provide the confetti to the guests. In addition, you may consider letting guests know to bring their own & the type of confetti that is allowed. Alternatively I have seen lovely ideas of confetti provided to guests as below:

Paper Envelope confetti bags

Clivedon House Luxury wedding ceremony, Gold and white confetti bags with personalised tag
Clivedon House Luxury Rose Bud Confetti bag

I hope the post has been super helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch via my contact page or leave a comment below. I love to help couples.



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