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The benefits of an Unplugged Wedding

Dec 15, 2018

An unplugged wedding can lead to a lot of mixed opinions. As a wedding photographer, I have captured plugged & unplugged weddings. I highly recommend parts of your wedding day to be unplugged. 

During the wedding planning, the Bride & Groom will start the search for their perfect wedding photographer

The bride & Groom put their trust in their wedding photographer to capture the important moments. The Bride & Groom want their guests to be present, to fully enjoy their wedding day as it happens, not watching the day unfold behind their mobile phone or camera. 

Unplugged Bridal Prep

I see no reason why the bridal party can’t have their mobile phone’s out during preparations. I have captured really lovely moments when the phones come out for photo or selfie. I’m sure you are just like me & love to take a selfie for your Instagram profile. I mean you are looking flawless, right?

Wethele Manor, bridal preporation, Bridal Morning, bridesmaid,
Wethele Manor, Say Cheese
Winchester wedding, bridal preporation, Dancing Leopard Dress, Bride selfie
Winchester Wedding Morning, bridal squad selfie

Or if you leave the camera alone, I capture such beautiful natural moments whilst you are getting ready with your squad. I would say during Prep it is up to you. 

Wethele Manor Wedding, Father of the bride first look
Wethele Manor, Father of the Bride First Look
Elmley nature reserve wedding, Wedding Morning, Family moments
Elmley Nature Reserve Wedding Morning, Family moments
Wethele Manor bridal preporation, family moments
Wethele Manor Wedding Morning
Winchester wedding morning, Airbnb house, bridesmaid moments
Winchester Wedding Morning, Happy Moments with your Bridal Squad
Tower Hill barn, wedding morning, bridal preporation, gifting the bride
Tower Hill Barn Wedding Morning, a beautiful gift to the bride
Tower hill barn, Happy bridesmaid
Tower Hill Barn, Bridesmaid

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Everyone at your wedding ceremony should be completely in the moment, I have found there is nothing worse when I am capturing the bridal procession, First Kiss, and Bride & Groom procession etc, when a guest steps out in front of my camera to capture the same moment. I need the picture to tell the full story and of course, you can have a copy of the image when I release the gallery to the Bride & Groom. I can promise you, you are not going to miss out. 

Take a look at these beautiful ceremony images where everyone is emersed in the moment. 

Elmley Nature Reserve Wedding, Barn Wedding, Rustic Bride. Bohemian Ceremony
Elmley Nature reserve Ceremony
Tower Hill Barn, LLangollen wedding, Outdoor ceremony, Rain on a wedding day, asos bridesmaid dresses
Tower Hill Barn, Laughter amongst a rainstorm
Wethele Manor Wedding Ceremony, Summer outdoor wedding
Wethele Manor, Emotional Outdoor Ceremony
Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent wedding, Kent wedding photographer,
Elmley Nature reserve, Guests awaiting the arrival of the Bride
Statham Lodge, outdoor Wedding, Warrington wedding photographer
Statham Lodge, Ceremony Reading
Inglewood Manor Wedding, Wirral wedding photographer, Mother of the Groom, Emotional image
Inglewood Manor, Mother of the Groom

Unplugged Group Portraits

During the formal portrait session, I am usually limited on time between the ceremony & meal. I have the group images, confetti shot, images of the reception room as well as candid images of the guests in the small time frame.
With this in mind it is so important to me that the Bride & Groom are able to spend time with guests during the cocktails & Canapes that I want to be able to capture the formal group images in an organised way & as quickly as possible. 

Blank Canvas Wedding, Alton wedding, Bonhams Barn, Winchester wedding ceremony, Dancing leopard bridesmaids
Blank Canvas Weddings, Bonham Barn, Bride with Bridesmaids & Flower girls

Now, I know you want to capture the perfect family images & it might be some time until you are all together again, but I can assure you, the quicker I get through the portrait list that has been provided by the bride & Groom, you will have plenty of time to take your images at little later. If you miss one, the group portrait will be delivered to the bride & groom. 

Elmley nature reserve wedding, barn wedding, bohemian bride
Elmley Nature reserve, Bride Squad
Statham Lodge wedding, Family portrait, Warrington wedding photographer, traditional bride
Statham Lodge – Family portrait
Wethele Manor Wedding, Outdoor family portrait, Warwick wedding photographer
Wethele Manor, Bride & Groom with nieces & Nephews
Inglewood Manor wedding, Black & White wedding, Luxury wedding photographer, Bridesmaids, Glamourous wedding
Inglewood Manor, Bride & Bridesmaids portrait

Unplugged Wedding Speeches

I love capturing the speeches & the natural reactions of laughter. The Speeches are the perfect time for candid images and really I don’t mind if their are guests recording the speech or taking a quick image. 

Blank Canvas Wedding Venue, Bonhams Barn, Wedding speeches

So, to conclude I am absolutely in favour of an unplugged wedding but I am also very relaxed and will always look to be inclusive if their are guests that want to take specific images, I just ask that the guests are as understanding. 

I would love to hear more about your experience’s in the comment box below & if your looking for your wedding photographer I would love to hear from you. 

If you want an unplugged wedding I have seen great signs made by wedding stationers which can be designed to fit with your styling, please get in touch for recommendations. 



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